Schoharie County Child Development Council, Inc.(SCCDC) is dedicated to serving families in their physical, social, emotional and academic environments. SCCDC recognizes and encourages individual talents and capabilities in safe, nurturing and structured surroundings where children and families can achieve their personal goals.


SCCDC believes that parents are their child’s greatest teacher, advocate and resource. It is the mission of SCCDC to encourage, support and offer assistance to parents so they may realize the greatest potential for their child.

Board of Directors

Maribeth Batsford, President

Bruce Loveys, Vice President &

                          Policy Council Liaison

Sue Herzog-Davies, Treasurer

Anna Slavinski, Secretary

Gen Overholt

Maggie Jackman-Pryor 

Laura Comstock 

Administrative Staff

Executive Management
Colleen Mahar – Executive Director
Carlo Farina - Director of Financial Operations 


Program Management

Jean Mammato - Planning and Quality Improvement Manager
Lisa Scott - Family Engagement Manager /CDA Assistant               

Dixie Hilt - Health & Nutrition Manager 
Kevin Kutzscher - Transportation/Building Operations Manager 
Stephanie Montanye - Education Coordinator 
Nancy Porter - Office Manager 
Siri Young - Mental Health Services Manager 

Mary Perrotti - Early Childhood Coach


Center Management

Jeanne Irwin - Sharon Springs HT/Center Manager 

Lyn Burton- Schoharie Central School Center Manager/Head Teacher

Cory Billings- Middleburgh Central School  Center Manager/Head Teacher
Colleen Mahar- Cobleskill Center Director

Eileen Thrush - Schoharie Center Director

McKenzie Hyer - Cobleskill/Richmondville Central School   Contact Person/Head Teacher