Getting Involved


Early Head Start and Head Start recognizes that YOU are the most important influence in your child's life.  You are your child's first educator.


Early Head Start and Head Start strives to enter into a PARTNERSHIP with parents.  A successful program calls for many people to work together sharing their talents, knowledge, and energy so that children can receive the greatest benefit.


You are a valued and important part in your child's Early Head Start/Head Start experience.  Parents are supported in their efforts to identify their family goals and find community resources to achieve them.  



Opportunities for Parents to Partner 


  • Working with your Teacher, Caregiver, Family Advocate or Family                                                                                                           Educator during home visits and sharing activities with your child.

  • Helping in playgroups, kitchen or classroom.  Parents are asked to                                                                                                         make a commitment for a certain amount of time each month; it                                                                                                             could be one day a week or one day a month, depending on how                                                                                                             much time you have. 

  • Teachers, Caregivers, and Family Advocates or Family Educators                                                                                                                 will help you become familiar with the classroom routine and will                                                                                                             furnish you with information about supervising an area of the                                                                                                                     classroom.  Volunteer training will be conducted as needed.

  • By volunteering in the classroom, many parents become staff                                                                                             members.  This is the way to become a part of the Early Head Start/                                                                                     Head Start team.

  • Share your special talents with us.  It could be a craft or art activity,                                                                                    a special recipe, or something from your cultural or ethnic background.


Parent Committee Information


Parent Committees meet monthly at each site.  Workshops and trainings are offered based on parents' interests and requests. Teachers and Caregivers provide a monthly report about classroom curriculum and welcome parent input into the planning process.


Policy Council Information 


Head Start Parents and Community Partners are involved in the decision making process through Policy Council. All centers have Parent Representatives elected to the Policy Council.


As a Policy Council member, you actively participate in the development of school readiness goals and help to assess the program's progress in achieving those goals.  The Policy Council also promotes the critical role that parents play in supporting their children. 


Contact Jean Mammato, Planning & Quality Improvement Manager at 518-234-7521 for more information.


Policy Council Meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 10:30am. 


Male Involvement

Special "Guys and Kids" activities nights are offered throughout the year for children, siblings, and a special male figure in the child's life.  


Parent Nights


Parent Nights are hosted at least twice per program year and include activities such as dinners, glamour nights, workshops and other fun activities.