Head Start

Expectations & Outcomes

All Early Head Start and Head Start programs must adhere to Federal Program Performance Standards. These standards, which are the most rigorous and comprehensive early childhood program standards in the country, define the services that programs are to provide to the children and families. They are designed to ensure that the Early Head Start and Head Start goals and objectives are implemented successfully and that all agencies maintain the highest possible quality in the provision of Early Head Start and Head Start services.

What Are The Educational Curriculum, Child Outcome, And Assessments Utilized By SCCDC?

SCCDC uses an educational curriculum in all programs. The Creative Curriculum is used in all classrooms from birth to five years old. The curriculum is a written plan that includes the goals for children’s development, learning and the experience through which they achieve educational goals. The Creative Curriculum is a framework for staff to plan appropriate classroom activities and experiences for children. The Curriculum addresses all aspects of development and learning including: approaches to learning, mathematics, literacy, creative arts, language development, science, physical and health development, social and emotional development. The foundation of the Creative Curriculum is researched based child development theory. The curriculum references the work of well known and respected theorists that influence the design of the curriculum. The curriculum’s goals are expanded upon in SCCDC classrooms by providing health and nutritional activities.

Outcome Assessment information is gathered throughout the year and analyzed for the individual growth of children and overall achievement of classrooms and the agency. The agency tracks outcome results of children in on-going assessment of each child’s growth in the program. Using the information, outcome achievements are complied and produced program wide three times annually.

Outcome goals are outlined in the curriculum and provide a solid foundation for children as they work to achieve kindergarten readiness skills. These goals along with regulations and Head Start Performance Standards provide a comprehensive child development program that can ensure success and growth for children.


How Is Head Start Evaluated?

The Head Start/EHS program must comply with performance standards developed by the Administration of Children and Families (ACF). Each year a program Self Assessment is completed. Teams of parents, staff and community leaders engage in the Self Assessment process and visit each center, and review plans and records to verify that the program is in compliance with Federal Performance Standards. The Office of Head Start in Washington, DC then validates the results of the Self Assessments by sending representatives to visit and review the program.